Heart Disease Causes

Coronary heart condition (CHD) is sometimes caused by a build-up of fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries round the heart (coronary arteries). 

The fatty deposits, known as fat, area unit created of cholesterol and alternative waste substances.

The build-up of fat on the walls of the coronary arteries makes the arteries narrower and restricts the flow of blood to the center. This method is termed atherosclerosis. Your risk of developing atherosclerosis is considerably redoubled if you: 

           have high vital sign (hypertension)
           have a high blood cholesterol level
           do not take regular exercise
           have polygenic disease

Other risk factors for developing atherosclerosis include:

           being corpulent or overweight
           having a case history of CHD – the danger is redoubled if you've got a male family member with CHD underneath fifty five or a sister underneath sixty five.

Cholesterol: Cholesterol could be a fat created by the liver from the saturated fat that we have a tendency to eat. Steroid alcohol is crucial for healthy cells, however if there's an excessive amount of within the blood it will cause CHD. 

Cholesterol is carried within the blood stream by molecules known as lipoproteins. There are a unit many differing types of lipoproteins, however 2 of the most ones area unit low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

LDL, usually noted as unhealthy steroid alcohol, takes cholesterol from the liver and delivers it to cells. Cholesterol tends to create abreast of the walls of the coronary arteries, increasing your risk of heart condition

HDL, usually noted as "good cholesterol", carries cholesterol far from the cells and back to the liver, wherever it's countermined or passed from the body as a material.

In the UK, this government recommendation is that you simply ought to have a complete blood cholesterol level of but 5mmol/liter, associate degreed an cholesterol level of underneath 3mmol/liter. This could be even lower if you've got symptoms of CHD.

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           High cholesterol 

High blood pressure: High blood pressure (hypertension) puts a strain on your heart and might cause CHD.

Blood pressure is measured at 2 points throughout the blood circulation cycle. The blood pressure could be live of your blood pressure because the heart contracts and pumps blood out. The blood pressure could be live of your blood pressure once your heart is relaxed and filling up with blood.

Blood pressure is measured in terms of millimeters of mercury (mmHg). After you have your blood pressure measured, the blood pressure is that the initial, higher variety to be recorded. The blood pressure is that the second, lower variety to be recorded. High blood pressure is outlined as a blood pressure of 140mmHg or additional, or a blood pressure of 90mmHg or additional.

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Smoking: Smoking could be a major risk issue. Monoxide (from the smoke) and nicotine each place a strain on the center by creating it works quicker. They additionally increase your risk of blood clots.
Other chemicals in coffin nail smoke injury the liner of your coronary arteries, resulting in furring of the arteries. If you smoke, you increase your risk of developing heart condition by pure gold.

Diabetes: While a high blood glucose level does not directly increase the danger of developing CHD, it should cause diabetes, which may over double your risk of developing CHD.

Diabetes will cause CHD as a result of it should cause the liner of blood vessels to become thicker, which may prohibit blood flow.

Thrombosis: An occlusion could be a blood inside associate degree artery (or a vein). If a occlusion happens in an exceedingly arterial blood vessel (coronary thrombosis), it'll cause the artery to slim, preventing the blood provide from reaching the center muscle. This will increase your likelihood of getting a attack. Coronary sometimes happens at a similar place that the atherosclerosis is forming (furring of the coronary arteries).

Ten symptoms of kidney disease

1.Changes in your urinary function
2.Difficulty or pain during voiding
3.Blood in the urine
5.Extreme fatigue and generalised weakness
6.Dizziness & Inability to concentrate
7.Feeling cold all the time
8.Skin rashes and itching
9.Ammonia breath and metallic taste
10.Nausea and vomiting

Obesity May Pretense Osteoporosis Risk

A study suggests that obesity may be a risk factor for the weak bone disease osteoporosis. US researchers have revealed that some people who are plump have unseen fat inside their bones that could make them weak and prone to fractures. The scans expose some people carry fat in hidden places like the liver, muscles and bone marrow as well as their belly, hips or thighs. According to Dr Miriam Bredella, who carried apple-shaped people who carry weight around their waist may be at greatest risk.

The bone marrow is where the cells dependable for new bone structure - osteoblast cells – live and if more of the marrow is taken over by fat cells then this will weaken the bones.Given that none of us can decide where we put on mass, the only react is to stay slim, say the researchers.Approximately three million people in the UK are estimated to have osteoporosis. The situation is normally connected with being slight of frame and frail. Bone marrow obese has been create in higher-than-normal levels in people who have osteoporosis.

Brain Injury - Raise Stroke Risk

People who have a traumatic brain injury may be more likely to suffer a stroke, a large new study suggests. And while the chances of having a stroke are still small, incurring a traumatic brain injury may be as big a risk factor as is high blood pressure, said study author Dr. James Burke.

While stroke risk is usually tied to older adults, about 20 percent occur in those under 65, said Burke, a research fellow in the neurology department at the University of Michigan Medical School. "Stroke is not typically associated with young people, and why younger people have strokes is not well understood.

After taking into account factors that can affect the risk of stroke, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the severity of the trauma and age, the scientists found that those with TBI were 30 percent more likely to develop a stroke than were those with trauma but no brain injury.

Samsung India Launches Remedial Tools Under 'GEO' Brand Name

Samsung India today said it has strengthened its recently established health and medical equipment business in the country with the launch of digital radiology and in-vitro diagnostics equipment. The company has launched the new range of equipment under 'GEO' brand, Samsung India said in a statement.

According to Samsung Electronics Vice President, Health & Medical Equipment Business Dinesh Lodha, We are leveraging our strengths in knowledge and R&D to offer medical products that offer fast, easy and accurate diagnosis to both doctors and patients. She added that we are focusing on time engineering that enhances the efficiency of all products being used in hospitals and clinics

Samsung India would be advertising various products under the GEO brand including, XGEO for digital radiography, UGEO for ultrasound analytic system and LABGEO for in-vitro diagnostics.