A nutritional Food-Increase Body Blood Pump

A nutritional shortage in your diet can cause anemia, a shortage of red blood cells. Aside from water, human blood is collected mainly of these cells, which your body needs for oxygen transport to cells.

Breakfast Cereal
Fortified cereal is the top source of blood-making nutrition in the grain food group. Grains naturally include protein and some iron and B vitamins, but some cereal manufacturer’s pump up the vitamin and mineral content their food to act as dietary supplements.

Leafy Green Vegetables

The fresh spinach provides energy-giving properties due to it’s +ve effect on red blood cell count. One cup of cooked spinach has extra protein and iron than all other non-starchy vegetables, as well as high satisfied of several B vitamins including folate, and vitamin C.


Oranges are most excellent known for their effect on immune system health, but they contain several dietary properties that your body bolsters blood cell creation. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute comments that small amounts of the essential vitamin C in oranges are used for that task.

Dairy Products

Get huge boosts of nutrients for your blood from yogurt, another food with dense nutrition that becomes concerted during preparation. With more protein, B vitamins and calcium than milk or cheese, yogurt food chains healthy blood as well as the bones in which blood cells are made strong.

Protein Foods

All of the foods in the protein group also include significant B vitamins, but ripe dry beans have the broadest nutritional gifts to your blood. Pinto, black, kidney and other beans are lofty in protein, iron, numerous B vitamins and vitamin C as well. Fish, meats and poultry cover greater protein but, in general, smaller extent of the other blood-making nutrients.


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