Habits to avoid short term memory loss

Short-term memory denotes to detail that your brain stores for a small period of time, sometimes for just minutes. Preserving your short term memory needs frequently testing your brain with games and puzzles as well as trusts your body healthy and fit. Other methods can be used to help maintain report and avoid short-term memory loss.

Have healthy brain food:
Green Tea

      Dietary nutritious foods can assist boost your brain function, which will reduce short-term memory troubles. Green tea also has free-radical-fighting polyphones. Eat fruits and vegetables frequently. Foods with antioxidants will defend your brain cells from harm by free essential.


       Physical activity can help boost blood flow to your brain, and improving function. If you have the time, plan for 30 minutes of modest aerobic exercise three or four times a week, such as brisk walking, cycling, jogging or dancing.

Remember No of Items in the Group:
       Arranging detail into assemble builds it easier to keep in mind that detail. The human mind can frequently remember five to nine items, according to Memory Loss Online. If you split a 15 digit number into five groups of three digits, it will be much easier to memorize.

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